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  International Teacher and Trainer Training
Upgrade your trainer skills - language learning through innovative methods by implementing ICT - a cooperation between Akademie für Politische Bildung und demokratiefördernde Maßnahmen and Valodu Mape Sia attn.

The project directly improves the quality of the language school by improving the professional skills of the teachers. The cooperation works in the spirit of the European idea and serves to create an intercultural environment for the exchange of ideas and the expansion of the skills of language teachers. When games and ICT technology are increasingly used in schools, many adults often lack the knowledge of such methods because they do not have the necessary skills and are more likely to implement frontal education.
This project aims to meet the needs of our school resulting from the European Development Plan in the following areas: changing traditional teaching methods in language teaching, using digital tools and games in language teaching and increasing the number of international projects, increasing education and through didactic skills of the teachers to raise the profile of the students. This will have an impact on strengthening the basic skills of the learners, increasing the didactic results and ultimately improving the quality of the language school's work.

General goals
  • Adaptation and improvement of subject-specific language teaching in the sense of an integrative, successful coexistence and the international competitiveness of the graduates of the Language Learning Center
  • Professionalization of teaching staff in the methodical / didactic area
  • Motivation of project participants to use the mobilities to develop new project ideas.
  • Reduce the drop-out rate of adults through internal differentiation in language teaching
  • The skills of our educators are being enhanced by new innovative methods using ICT technologies and games to help learners with inclusion.

Special goals
  • Improving the level and quality of the work of the language teaching center
  • Involvement of trainers in European mobility
  • Implementation of solutions / information acquired as part of the international mobility project
  • Awareness of the use of ICT technologies in teaching and learning
  • Knowledge of the methods and tools used in Austria (holding the training)
  • Creating an intercultural environment for discussion and exchange of ideas
  • Development of personal and professional skills in the use of new teaching methods
  • Develop the ability to create an environment conducive to the learning environment
  • Enrichment of the language skills of trainers
  • Increase the ability to use digital games, apps, etc. in foreign language teaching

Eight language teachers from our school will be involved in this project in order to be open to using digital tools and games in foreign language teaching in the future and to return to the language school with a new approach and sufficient English skills. The project emphasizes the involvement of language teachers in mobility and raising awareness of the use of ICT in language teaching. In cooperation with an Austrian partner, our employees work practically on the integration of existing online materials so that they can be used in the language acquisition process in lifelong learning.

Activities as a five-day training course in Linz / Austria in August

Day 1 of the workshop (knowledge test, teaching and learning methods, learning support, individual development plans, weekly plans)

Day 2 Motivation methods in language learning (generating motivation and motivational components, individual learning strategies, designing the learning environment, group learning in small work groups as a social component and the like)

Day 3 Media competence in the classroom using ICT technologies (digital tools such as tablets or smartphones as well as e-learning platforms in the network, exercises with digital tools, design of lesson plans)

Day 4 Use of language learning games (playing as an icebreaker and promoting communication at different levels and skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing, interactive exercises, simulation and role playing).

Day 5 The Adult Education System in Austria - Development of Adult Education in Language and Foreign Language Support and Digitization: Best Practice Examples for Inclusive Education in Austrian Adult Education.

This project makes it possible to support the learners by increasing the training skills through innovative methods, including digital tools and games, so that they can be accompanied as best as possible in terms of internal differentiation in language acquisition.

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